1 - short bio

Gerald Gradwohl – short bio

Birthday: 15.04.1967, married to Heidi

Children: Saskia, Benjamin, Simon

  • J.M.Hauer music school-classical guitar
  • Jazzguitar study in Vienna – diploma in 1989 w. first class honours
  • Teacher for jazzguitar at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory/Eisenstadt (A) since 1991
  • Teacher for electric guitar at the music school Eisenstadt (1993-98)
  • Head of Jazz department J.H. Conservatory Eisenstadt since 2006.

Gerald Gradwohl played concerts and festivals all over the world:Wiesen, Montreal, Madrid, Mexico, Warschau, Washington,
just to name a few..

Highlights of his career are the collaboration with the grammy nominated TANGERINE DREAM, and his solo record ABQ that he recorded in 2002 with the great BOB BERG and the TRIBAL TECH rhythm section Gary Willis and Kirk Covington.

On his recent release “RAW”(2016) he pulls all the stops of his musical skills. “As much composition as necessary and as much improvisation as possible” seems to be the dogma and the point of view of fusion-music of today for this worldwide known and acknowledged composer and performer. Gerald is touring regularly with the GG Group all over Europe and releases his new album „Episode 6“ in April 21!

Original projects:

  • CATS & CAMELS „Face To Face“ (1991) – Bellaphon
  • THREEO „Threeo“ (1992) – Ixthuluh
  • THREEO „Racing Time“ (1995) – Bellaphon
  • THREEO Live! …featuring Bob Berg (1998) – Extraplatte
  • THE POWERGRADE „Working Men“ (2001) – g-tone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „ABQ“ (2003) – Emarcy/Universal
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Tritone Barrier“ (2007) – ESC
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Trio Sally Beth Roe“ (2009) – gtone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL GROUP „ABQ Live & Raw“ (2011 Live Bootleg) – gtone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Big Land“ (2013) – gtone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Raw“ (2016) – g-tone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL GROUP „Episode 6“ (2021) – gtone

2 - long bio

Gerald Gradwohl – long bio

Birthday: 15.04.1967, married to Heidi

Children: Saskia, Benjamin, Simon

  • J.M.Hauer music school-classical guitar
  • Jazzguitar study in Vienna – diploma in 1989 w. first class honours
  • Teacher for jazzguitar at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory/Eisenstadt (A) since 1991
  • Teacher for electric guitar at the music school Eisenstadt (1993-98)
  • Head of Jazz department J.H. Conservatory Eisenstadt since 2006.


With no doubt Gerald Gradwohl is one of the hippest musicians in the Austrian studio and live scene. Growing up with Rock and Hardrock Music, he changed his style when he began to study guitar at the Conservatory Vienna, where he obtained first-class honours.

Not only Austrian Stars from Rock to Jazz (Juci, Iris Camaa, Sandra Pires, Andi Borg, Viktor Gernot, Hallucination Company, Alex Göbel etc..) hire him for studio or live Gigs – but also international Greats like the famous several time grammy-nominated pioneers of instrumental music TANGERINE DREAM enjoy his guitar work extraordinaire. You can listen to his work with Tangerine Dream on the records“Tyranny of Beauty“and „Goblin’s Club“-both chartbreakers on the international instrumental charts.

Besides these sideman jobs he teaches Jazz and electric guitar at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory Eisenstadt/Austria, and records and produces with his own Fusion Trio. 1996 Gerald produced a live record with his band THREEO featuring the great BOB BERG(Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Mike Stern….) on tenor sax. This CD – a real dynamic and virtuoso record – was recorded during a European Tour 1996 and became best Jazz album 1998 in Austria.

With THREEO G.Gradwohl played Festivals and Clubs all over the world(Montreal, London, Wiesen, Leverkusen,….).

  • 2000 GG received an award from the Austrian Government concerning his works in instrumental music.
  • 2001 he founded a project named „the powergrade“ which featured his funky guitar playing and contained rock and technobeats as well-the Cd was released in June 2001 and got great international critics!
  • 2002 he played one of the most important Jazzfestivals in Europe(Jazzfest Wiesen) with this project and toured through Austria and Germany.
  • In November 2002 G.G. records in Santa Fe/USA with some of his favourite musicians : Bob Berg, Gary Willis and Kirk Covington – release in Fall 2003 on Universal Music! With this record he established himself in the international Jazz and Fusion scene . The critics were overwhelming and a tour through Austria, Jazzfestival Wiesen with Kirk Covington(Tribal Tech) on drums was following in in 2003 and 2004.
  • Mexico Tour in 2005 with the Peter Natterer Quartett.
  • Back on stage with TANGERINE DREAM in 2006! GG is featured on the 2006 Tangerine Dream Live DVD –Live at Tempodrom and „Orange Odyssey“(2007).
  • Gerald released „Tritone Barrier“ on ESC Records in Mai 2007! The record features his new dynamic and electrifying Trio(JoJo Lackner-bs, F. Al-Shami dr), but contains also great guest appearances by Scott Henderson, Kirk Covington, Hubert Tubbs and Frank Itt. The GG Trio did a lot of touring in 2007 and 2008, including a Germany Tour and two trips to Romania(one for the legendary Stufstock Festival 2008).
  • Sally Beth Roe – was produced live in the studio and released worldwide in Fall 2009. „If ZZ Top played fusion music, this is what it would sound like. This is jazz-rock boogie of the highest order. No wine drinking for fans of this trio. It’s all about the beer.“(aus www.jazz.com)
  • 2012 Gerald joined the „Dancing Stars Orchestra“ – great live band of the ORF TV show“ Dancing Stars“.
  • The GG Group was revitalized 2012, and the result of their European tour in June was the 2013 release of „Big Land“ with Kirk Covington – dr, Thomas Kugi – sax and Harald Weinkum – bs. GG created a high energetic fusion album – a typical organic conglomerate of Rock, Jazz and Funk that rises from brief composition patterns leading into long improvisational excursions that finally shape the tune.
  • 2014 the Gradwohl/Covington Group toured Europe feat. Kirk Covington – dr, Adam Nitti – bs and Thomas Kugi – sax.
  • 2015 GG started to work with his current line up Jojo Lackner, Harry Tanschek and Thomas Kugi – this leads into the release of  the new album „Raw“ in Oct. ’16
  • RAW (2016) is a critically acclaimed masterpiece of Jazz and Rock music and is the first release with his current band.

    The band is touring regularly and releases the new album „Episode 6“ in April 2021!

Original projects:

  • CATS & CAMELS „Face To Face“ (1991) – Bellaphon
  • THREEO „Threeo“ (1992) – Ixthuluh
  • THREEO „Racing Time“ (1995) – Bellaphon
  • THREEO Live! …featuring Bob Berg (1998) – Extraplatte
  • THE POWERGRADE „Working Men“ (2001) – g-tone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „ABQ“ (2003) – Emarcy/Universal
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Tritone Barrier“ (2007) – ESC
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Trio Sally Beth Roe“ (2009) – g-tone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL GROUP „ABQ Live & Raw“ (2011 Live Bootleg) – g-tone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Big Land“ (2013) – g-tone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Raw“ (2016) – g-tone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL GROUP „Episode 6“ (2021) – gtone

3 - from the beginning

Gerald Gradwohl – extended version

„The Early Days“

Since his childhood Gerald was always interested in music. In the beginning however, it was not strings, but in his parents house (Margaretha and Anton Gradwohl) mum’s pots and pans got tortured with wooden spoons wrecking one or the other string of nerves. His first favourite band was The Sweet (yes- the ones with the high heels). They were followed by Kiss and AC/DC. Angus Young was his first big guitar-hero. (At that time I copied some riffs and solos – but you could not say it was a transcription at that time!) When I was 10 I started playing the guitar (Music School of Wr.Neustadt) probably just because Mum and Dad got rid of their pots and pans. During this time the musical taste changed to the metal-fraction ( at least what it was at that time). Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest were hip. Until he reached the age of 16 hard rock was the only thing that counted. Was it Heavy Metal in the beginning, was it mainstream Hard Rock (Van Halen, Toto, Journey …) later on. His brother Günter (I’m sure I wrecked his nerves, too) predicted: „Sooner or later you’ll listen to some different kind of music!“ (He was into jazz and stuff like that). Original quotation Gerald: „Never ever“.

With 12 he founded the first band, named GRAMAGA (1979/80) with his schoolmates Bernhard Macheiner and Oliver Gattringer:

  • Bernhard Macheiner – out of tune piano
  • Oliver Gattringer – funny drums – even at that time he was a brilliant at drumming – but he couldn’t reach the bass drum
  • and of course Gerald – guitar, horrible vocals
  • Style: everything that was possible
  • Lyrics-sample: „Papa leave Angie here, leave her here! .. :))

There were actually no live-performances, but on the other hand a lot of funny rehersals and recording sessions with the use of cassette recorders.

After the guitar teacher at the Music School had shown Gerald Minor Pentatonic, Sor, Tarrega, Bach and all these guys became even less interesting than they were before. Farewell to the Music School – long live Rock’N’Roll!

2nd Band: „TRUCKER“ (~1981-83)

This was real Hard Rock with his friends:

  • Robs Jeschke – Vocal
  • Martin Schönbauer – Bass
  • Stefan Stamm – Drums

This band was taken seriously and there even were the first concerts in the area of Wr.Neustadt. After some time there was a changing of name and personnel: „WIDE SPREAD“ (ca.1983-86) with Bernhard Macheiner on additional keyboards and Oliver Gattringer on drums – it was almost a GRAMAGA-Reunion! Later on Schönbauer left the band. The new man was Berhard Eder who however got substituted by Andy Pieber later on. There were some local successes e.g. the winning of a band contest, being on TV occasionally … So it turned out that this Mainstream Hard Rock Band had become the first professional project of Gerald Gradwohl. By the way: He even wrote 50 Hard Rock songs!

„The Professional Days“

During that time there was one musician that became of great importance for Gerald – Gary Moore.

Gerald got himself all the records Moore was on – you could say he was probably the most enthusiastic Gary Moore fan at that time.This was probably one of the reasons for changing the musical taste tending more to some jazz-oriented music.

One has to admit that he was always interested in music that was played perfectly (Toto, Jeff Beck etc.). The biggest influence, and probably the reason for the change in style, was Mike Stern (around 85 / 86). His album „Upside Downside“ was the perfect mixture of jazz and rock for Gerald. (I listened to Stern exclusively for two years and transcribed lots of songs and solos).

Another milestone was the first album of Chic Corea´s Electric Band („Got A Match?“ – took me hours of practising!) On this record Gerald discovered a guitar player named Scott Henderson. From that time on up till today Henderson is Gerald’s favourite guitar player, who influenced him the most.

An article in the „Guitar Player“ magazine dealing with Frank Gambale caught the eye of Gerald. Gambale’s unbelievable sweeping-technique changed Gerald’s guitar playing completely. Gambale became one his favourites, too ( Many people forget about Frank as a fantastic rhythm-guitar player!)

From now on rock music was not that interesting any more and racing up and down the finger-board in clerical keys wasn’t either. So in 1986 Gerald started the study of jazz guitar in Vienna. He graduated two years later obtaining first-class honours.

Since he was quite efficient even at the very beginning of his studies, he used his time at the conservatory for widening his musical horizon in respects of harmony and composition.

At the time he also got the first jobs as a professional guitar player, playing in different commercial dance bands and cover-bands. The intensive analysis of jazz and jazz-related music led to founding a band called:

FACE TO FACE (1988-94) which had to be changed into

CATS & CAMELS because of some legal reasons.

The line-up was:

  • Bernhard Macheiner – Keyboards
  • Oliver Gattringer – Drums
  • Michael Fischer – Saxophones
  • Andi Hanauska – Bass

1st CD-release 1990:

Cats &Camels -„Face To Face“(Bellaphon/CDLR 45038) The style was „fusion“ (but not the kind you hear in shopping malls). Even today Gerald still sticks to this production although it’s old stuff today.

The strong desire to play in a trio leads to the foundation of: „THREEO“ (1989-2002?)

with Richard Filz, drums and Wolfgang Wograndl, bass

Filz and Gradwohl knew each other since they were kids, because they grew up in the same neighbourhood. Searching for the real „killer-bass-man“ they found Wolfgang Wograndl who Richard knew from another band. The musical collaboration also led to real friendship that will hopefully last forever. In the beginning the style was more or less Modern Jazz, meanwhile the composition spread in a wide spectrum so that it is quite hard to catagorize – it’s Electric Jazz – yes, that’s closest.

Working continuously led to the release of 3 CDs so far featuring guest musicians such as Bob Berg, Rick Margitza, Martin Fuss, Bumi Fian, Viktor Gernot. Countless tours throughout Europe and festival appearances all over the world followed.

The CD ‚THREEO-Live‘, feat. Bob Berg was voted the best jazz album of 1998 by readers of one of Austria’s largest music magazines.

Besides this, probably the most important project, Gerald always played jobs of different kinds. The collaboration with „Tangerine Dream“, the world-wide best known German legendary cult-band, is highly worth mentioning. Gerald even played on two Tangerine Dream CDs and played live-concerts in London (96) and Osnabrück (Klangartfestival 99). But there are also commercial gigs with Andy Borg or Bill Ramsey ( It not only gives you money – it’s also fun!)

Playing with the Austrian „Hallucination Company“ (1995-99) was one of the important stations for gathering experiences and routine.

„Christina Zurbrügg“ Rhythm and Yodelling Projekt with Christina Zurbrügg-voc.,Reinhard Ziegerhofer-bass,Peter Rosmanith-perc.

Sisters of OU! – Soul/Funk with Juci Janoska, Diuana Jirkuff – voc,

Myriam Filz – bass,voc, Albin Janoska-keyb.,Tommy Böröcz-dr

Sandra Pires – before she got famous!!!

1998 he starts the project „the powergrade“with the drummer Nico Bernhardt. Jojo Lackner was the original bass player, but he left the band in ’99 and was replaced by Wolfgang Wograndl.

2001 the line up changed again. Wograndl quits the band to concentrate on his solo works. Since then Harry Weinkum was the new bass player.

In the year 2000 Gerald had been awarded the cultural prize for music in Austria.

In November 2002 Gerald records his Solo album ‚ABQ‘ in the Open Arts Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico which features 3 top musicians

of the international jazz and fusion scene:

Gary Willis – bass (Wayne Shorter, Allan Holdsworth) and Kirk Covington – drums (Zawinul Syndicate, Scott Henderson) presumably

constitute the most independent rhythm group on the scene and here, with their dynamics and power, they present themselves in their best groove.

The two radiate an energy one would normally only find in their band Tribal Tech (Scott Henderson), and together with Gerald Gradwohl

they form a fusion trio on „ABQ“ that stands unequaled to this day! (suggestion listening: „Albuquerque Road“)

With BOB BERG, Gradwohl has arguably found one of the most sought after saxophone players in recent years for this project.

The New Yorker has already played and recorded with many giants of the jazz scene, which again speaks in favor of the quality of

Gradwohl and this CD. Whether in the accustomed aggressive tenor in the opener „Pau Wau“ or in „Coltrane“ style to the changes

of „Giant Steps“ (an arrangement of the Coltrane classic), Berg is always playing with his soul and lends the recordings a special note

with his originality and presence.“Bob and I have really become good friends during this production;

he was very supportive in every situation and always gave his best!“

All the more distressing was the news that Berg was killed in a traffic accident in New Work 3 weeks after the recording.

„ABQ“ was therefore the last production Bob Berg had recorded.

The CD is dedicated to one of the greatest saxophone players of today – a great musician and person who sadly is no longer with us!

„ABQ“ was recorded LIVE in the studio – at a later stage some rhythm guitars were added – and largely features composed pieces

which also leave the musician ample leeway for improvisation.

With „ABQ“, Gerald Gradwohl has successfully produced a dynamic and spirited production that emphasizes not only his qualities as a guitarist.

In Fall 2003 the Gerald Gradwohl Group is on presentation tour with the following lineup:

G.G.-guit, Kirk Covington-drums, Harry Weinkum-bass, Thomas Kugi-sax

please check out the website for further infos from 2003 until now!

best regards, GG

4 - discography

Original projects:

  • CATS & CAMELS „Face To Face“ (1991) – Bellaphon
  • THREEO „Threeo“ (1992) – Ixthuluh
  • THREEO „Racing Time“ (1995) – Bellaphon
  • THREEO Live! …featuring Bob Berg (1998) – Extraplatte
  • THE POWERGRADE „Working Men“ (2001) – g-tone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „ABQ“ (2003) – Emarcy/Universal
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Tritone Barrier“ (2007) – ESC
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Trio Sally Beth Roe“ (2009) – gtone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL GROUP „ABQ Live & Raw“ (2011 Live Bootleg) – gtone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Big Land“ (2013) – gtone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL „Raw“ (2016) – gtone
  • GERALD GRADWOHL GROUP „Episode 6“ (2021) – gtone

Studio sessions:

  • HALLUCINATION COMPANY „Keine Angst Vor Nix“ (1993)
  • ROLAND BENTZ „Rolo“ (1993)
  • BROKEN DREAMS „Universum Soundtrack“ (1993)
  • ROBERT OPRATKO sen/FLOHHAUFEN „Die Allerschönsten Kinderlieder 3“ (1994)
  • FLOHHAUFEN Kinderchor „Die schönsten Weihnachtslieder“ (199?)
  • TANGERINE DREAM „Tyranny Of Beauty“ (1995)
  • TANGERINE DREAM „Goblin´s Club“ (1996)
  • MANDI „Gold“ (1996)
  • MAREK KUBSKI (1996)
  • MOSES „Moses“ (1996)
  • HERR BERT „Dieses Dunkelrote G’füh'“ (1997)
  • CHRISTINA ZURBRÜGG „Äs chönnti alls ganz anders sii..“ (1998)
  • DUKE ZOCKER „Wonderful World“ (1998)
  • TATOO „In meinen Träumen“ (1998)
  • CONNY MESS „Für immer und ewig“ (1998)
  • PETER NATTERER QUARTETT „In The Flow“ (2001)
  • STARMANIA Orf TV Show (div Playbacks+ Singles)
  • 2002/2003/2006/2008)
    ROMANA ROSSI „Schnee im Juli“ (2003)
  • KURT ELSASSER „Hallo wie geht’s?“ (2003)
  • JÜRGEN SOLIS „Burgenland“ (2003)
    DENNIS JALE „Ins gelobte Land“ (2003)
  • STEPHANIE „Sternenmeer/I Wanna Know“ (2004)
  • TANGERINE DREAM „Rocking Mars“ (2005)
  • GERHARD S. „Es war einmal“ (2005)
  • REINER KIRSTEN div. Singles (2005)
  • PETER NATTERER QUARTETT „The Passing“ (2006)
  • TANGERINE DREAM „Live at Tempodrom Berlin“ (2006) Live DVD
  • TANGERINE DREAM „Orange Odyssey“ (2007) Live DVD
  • STARLIGHT „Du(Single)“ (2007)
  • MELANIE „Deinetwegen“ (2008)
  • IRIS CAMAA „Intimate Exchange“ (2008)
  • JOHANNES EIWEN „Staunend…stehe ich vor Dir“ (2008)
  • NORDWAND „Album“ (2009)
  • CHRISTINE HÖDL „Pure“ (2011)
  • MONIKA BALLWEIN&BAND „Soul Circus“ (2013)
  • HARALD WEINKUM „ÜberThree“ (2013)
  • ADAM NITTI „Not Of this World“ (2014)

5 - personal CD charts

This is NO ranking – just some great records that I like or that had a big influence on me…

  • AC/DC – Highway To Hell..and almost everything of the „Bon Scott“ years!
  • Alcatrazz – No Parole From Rock’N’Roll, Disturbing The Peace
  • Van Halen – I, II, Women And Children First, Fair Warning, 1984
  • The Sweet – Off The Record, Strung Up
  • Thin Lizzy – Thunder & Lightning
  • Gary Moore – Dirty Fingers, Corridors Of Power, Victims Of The Future…and almost everything before his „Blues“ days..
  • Mike Stern – Upside Downside, Time In Place
  • Mike Stern – Another Standard
  • Players – Players
  • Michael Brecker – Don’t Try This At Home….and everything else…
  • Bob Berg – Cycles
  • Tribal Tech – almost everything..
  • Scott Henderson – Spears, Dr.Hee
  • Chick Corea – Elektric Band, Light Years
  • Frank Gambale – A Present for The Future
  • Vital Information – Fiafiaga
  • Miles Davis – We Want Miles, Star People
  • Alanis Morisette – Jagged Little Pill
  • Brecker Brothers – Heavy Metal Bebop
  • Brecker Brothers – Straphanging…oh no – almost everything ..
  • Wendy & Lisa – W&L, Fruit at The Bottom, Eroica
  • Jeff Beck – There And Beck
  • Pat Metheny Group – Still Life(Talking)
  • Gino Vanelli – Brother To Brother
  • Allan Holdsworth – Metal Fatigue
  • Robben Ford – Talk To Your Daughter
  • Sting – Mercury Falling
  • Michael Landau – Tales From The Bulge
  • Michael Landau Group Live
  • Tower Of Power – Live
  • Steely Dan – Two Against Nature
  • Jeff Beck – Wired
  • Jeff Beck – You Had It Coming
  • Toto – Isolation
  • Guano Apes – Proud Like A God
  • John Scofield – Blue Matter, Flat Out
  • John Scofield – Überjam
  • Gary Willis – Bent
  • John Scofield – Up All Night
  • Wayne Krantz – Greenwich Mean
  • Brent Mason – Hot Wired
  • Weather Report – Heavy Weather
  • Weather Report – Live & Unreleased
  • Johnny Hiland – Johnny Hiland
  • Scott Henderson – Live! oh Sorry..almost everything 🙂
  • Shelby Lynne – Identity Crisis
  • Shelby Lynne – Suit Yourself
  • Amanda Marshall – Amanda Marshall
  • Amanda Marshall – Tuesday Child
  • Amanda Marshall – Everybody’s Got A Story
  • Joe Dee Messina – Delicious Surprise
  • Dixie Chicks – Taking The Long Way
  • Shelby Lynne – Just A Little Lovin
  • Disturbed – 10.000 Fists
  • Alter Bridge – Alter Bridge
  • Joe Zawinul – Faces & Places
  • Krantz/Carlock/Lefebvre
  • Michael McDonald – almost everything…
  • George Benson – almost everything…
  • Wes Montgomery – almost every….
  • Chris Potter – Ultrahang
  • Joe Bonamassa – Live From Nowhere In Particular, A Different Shade Of Blue
  • Bonnie Raitt – Slipstream
  • Fink – Sort Of Revolution, Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet
  • Otep – The Ascension, Smash The Control Machine, Generation Doom