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  • Gerald Gradwohl g, synth
  • Wolfgang Wograndl bs
  • Richard Filz dr & perc



  • THREEO-feat.Rick Margitza (1992) - IXCD 17/Ixthuluh
  • THREEO-Racing Time (1995) - CDLR 45103/Bellaphon
  • THREEO-Live!feat. Bob Berg (1998) - PEP 98011/Extraplatte


2015 - 12 Years after!

This Austrian Jazz/Fusion Trio celebrated some major highlights in the the 90ies:  Jazzfest Wiesen, Montreal, Leverkusen and several other gigs all over Europe were on the gig list of this extraordinary Band. Especially the Album “Threeo-Live!“ featuring the legendary Tenor player Bob Berg, made a big impact on the international Jazz scene.


Although they played their last live gig in 2003, the band never split officially.

The three musicicans meanwhile cooperated with countless bands and projects, formed their own groups and are still teaching at the same Music Conservatory.


So it was just a matter of time to reunite! „The unforgettable impressions of our concerts, tours and recordings made us think about a reunion concert.“


The band is still available on special demand!!



  • As always, Threeo are playing virtuosly with lots of  wittiness.
  • Concerning style Threeo are somewhere in between mainstream and fusion, sometimes there is even a dash of rock, but there is always a finishing touch in rhythm, dynamics and colours of sound that are chosen precisely
  • Dings 1997: There are JazzRock-Formations that even kick ass jazz-wet blankets. Threeo is surly  one of them.
  • Gitarre & Bass 11/96: An interesting Austrian trio: They dash through the well-proved jazz-rock-scenery - but they do it masterly and with style! It's beautiful to see how diversified and surprising in a discreet way music like this still can be, when you let young talents do their stuff, instead of  throwing "big names dices" in the GRP way.
  • Audio live 9/96: Once there are beats that rock your feet, once there are eccentric rhythms where you can lose the time quite easily - top of the heap music in Dolby Surround Sound!
  • Jazz Pub News: With this terrific performance Threeo doubtlessly is one of the big hopes of the Austrian jazz scene.
  • Concerto: Groovy rhythms, harmony in playing together, powerful arrangements and borderless fun in playing together - I'd wish there were more jazz like that!!!
  • Concerto Poll 1998: Best Jazz Album: THREEO - Live!
  • “Solo” 4/99: This live recording contains great playing!
  • 12/99: The Austrian trio Threeo, lead by guitarist Gerald Gradwohl, is a vibrant fusion trio augmented by the presence of tenorman Bob Berg on this their latest cd. The group has a funky, high energy approach to fusion, as evidenced on their rhythm-changes tribute to Tribal Tech, "Technotronic" which features fine solos from the entire band. For fans of modern fusion with an edge!