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Gerald Gradwohl Group (current line up):

  • Gerald Gradwohl g
  • Jojo Lackner bs
  • Thomas Kugi sax
  • Harald Tanschek dr


International line up:

  • Gerald Gradwohl g
  • Adam Nitti bs
  • Thomas Kugi sax
  • Kirk Covington dr


When looking for terms and names to describe the band, the attempt will leave you with a wide spectrum between jazz and fusion music focussing on groovy funk with a strong „Rock’N Roll Attitude“ mixed with Jazz harmony to fierce discharging jazz rock storms.


There is no arbitrariness in this wide array of musical styles and influences, as the band – selected team players from the international jazz/fusion scene – renders the stringent compositions in a committed and playfully individual manner, putting its high-quality inventive signature to the music and derives its uniqueness and independence from a sure, pro-active and listening interaction of experienced musician personalities.


Gradwohl can jump into and out off the stylistic changes like a true chameleon. He has ventured further into exploratory fusion on this effort than on any of his previous efforts. Having the support and backing of the great rhythm section has really made this venture for Gradwohl into tribal funk fusion a viable effort of world class caliber. GG pulls all the stops of his musical skills. “As much composition as necessary and as much improvisation as possible” seems to be the dogma and the point of view of fusion-music of today for this worldwide known and acknowledged composer and performer, living in Wr. Neustadt, Austria.


Out of the tiniest motives, Gradwohl manages to develop breathtaking solos based on steaming grooves or balladesque sound collages. Some kind of somnambulistic playing with the guys in the band let creative things happen. The  great variety in composition and playing will not only fascinate Jazz and Fusion lovers - watch out for exciting live gigs!


The great album "ABQ" (2003) feat. Bob Berg, Gary Willis and Kirk Covington was a big step in Geralds international career. Several albums and live tours have been the result of his continuous work.

In 2013 Gerald releases "Big Land", feat. Tribal Tech drummer Kirk Covington on drums. His latest album "RAW" (2016) is a critically acclaimed masterpiece of Jazz and Rock music!